Friday, 18 June 2010

Dates Update

Everywhere I go, people ask how the dating is going. To be honest, I have been so busy partying I forgot to meet up with some of my potential suitors from the website, and instead picked on random men in the pub. Pictured are a couple of memorable examples (ie the two i can remember).
As can be seen from the photos, both these dudes were very happy to be out with me. We 'clicked' immediately, had a laugh all my opinion, that certain something was there. But what is it with men and their inability to commit? Because, readers, and I know this is hard to believe, but despite the obvious rapport I've heard nothing from these guys since!

Luckily for me, because I have got so much going on in my life I can get over this. Obviously it is their loss and not mine, and I can absorb the experience and learn from it. My trust still lies fairly and squarely in the power of the universe to provide...we can see already what a tremendous effort is being made, so I heartily offer my thanks.

Of course, the life of Olenka Diamond is never quiet. These guys don't seem to realise how lucky they were I made time to accomodate them in my busy schedule. Because last weekend me and my partner in crime checked out the Ian Brown gig at Platt Fields Park. Since we paid full price for the ticket (£30) we were determined to get the most out of our money. The lineup was fantastic. My only problem with it was Mr.Scruff and Ian Brown were on at the same time and the whole thing finnished at 11pm. For the money, why couldn't they have kept it open till 1am and put the Scruff on after instead of charging everyone another tenner to go to some afterparty in town? Oh, I know all about residential areas nearby, but for God's sake, it's Fallowfield! It's full of students who like noise. Plus that park is massive and the dance tent was right in the middle. The truth is, no-one would have minded except of course the promoters who wouldn't have made as muuch money as they did.

Knowing we were under pressure to peak early, Glasgow Fran and I got off to a head start with a bottle of white while normal people were still trying to get out of the office early. Not us! We steamed into the park at 6pm, feeling like most people do at about 11pm, and began by whirling around to The Whip before heading to the dance tent and showing everyone in there how to party Manchester style. We should have been on the guest list for our efforts! Instead we got plenty of suspecting glares from Security thinking we were on drugs, but the fact is when you've been through loads in life and you're on a roll you don't need to take drugs to look like you're on them.

I told Fran on the way in that I always have to be at the front for gigs, and my wish was sure her command. We got to the front of the Hacienda tent to watch A Certain Ratio (who were totally brilliant) and then we got right to the front of the main stage to watch Ian Brown. In the very park his dad used to take him to play when he was a kid. AAAAhhhh. Bless. The vibe was fantastic. I don't think I could have been anywhere else in the city that night apart from right there, boobs squished over the barrier, surrounded by tall young lads protecting us from actually breaking our ribs, taking full advantage of security guards' chests and arms as they sportingly leant over us to help crowd-divers into safety...and Ian's voice was all there to boot. What more can I say, it was Manchester at it's best, especially once we got the poppers out...

If you've got your finger on the pulse of the UK party scene like me, perhaps I'll catch up with you on my next jolly. This weekend I am heading off to Stone Henge to celebrate the Solstice. Yes, this coming Monday is the longest day of the year and although I have never been to the celebration at those mythical stones, when it comes to Mid-summer's night I always have a vague feeling that I should be. So this year we're off, a car full of lovely ladies in search of a spiritual experience. I will of course update the blog if I return x

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